How profound is your love? 


Venus conjunct Chiron transit will occur in Aries until 2027. Before 2019, Venus conjunct Chiron travel occurred in Pisces.  venus in astrology


The following Venus Chiron combination will occur on February 10, 2020. The past Venus Chiron combination occurred on April 23, 2019. 


“How could you realize that you were intended to be a healer? 


“Since I am having emotional feelings for hurt individuals.” 


“Why are you alone?” 


“Since I’m broken as well, so I am becoming hopelessly enamoured with myself to experience my medication.” 


Kwabena Foli 


At the point when Venus is conjunct Chiron, our heart is tried. 


Is your heart “sufficient”, “adequately prepared”, and eventually “mended enough” to give and get love? 


A definitive inquiry Venus conjunct Chiron is posing is “how profound is your adoration”? 


The excursion of delving profound into your heart is the excursion of your cognizance towards more prominent completeness, more noteworthy equilibrium, more prominent congruity and, eventually, more noteworthy love. 


Uncovering that sensitive area in your heart isn’t simple. Furthermore, Chiron doesn’t pursue faster routes. Chiron searches for the main driver, for whatever is unsettled, unreconciled, unhealed, covered profound inside your heart. 


So indeed, your heart will air out, and all the while, you may cry a few tears. Yet, there is trust toward the finish of the passage. 


Chiron will eventually mend the injury – IF you are available to accept your weakness. 


Chiron’s image is the KEY – the sorcery key that opens any entryway, opens any mystery, and mends any torment. What’s more, what is the key? Your Wound is the key. 


Your Wound is your Gift. 


It is just when you at last hug the Wound, which is your Gift when you recuperate. You can’t eliminate the Wound (Chiron is known as the injured healer for an explanation – Chiron’s injuries never truly mend) – because by eliminating your Wound, you would eliminate a piece of yourself. 


Nothing needs fixing. Your Would is essential for your own set of experiences; it is important for You. Whatever you are encountering at present, it bodes well at a higher request of presence. Your life is in line and equilibrium, regardless of whether you probably won’t view it as such. You were born for an explanation, and your life IS unfurling as it ought to. 


What’s more, if you are prepared to accept the possibility that nothing isn’t right with you, you can find an ability, an ability interestingly, during this travel. A vulnerable side can turn into a strength. A shadow can transform into light. Disgrace can transform into real weakness. 


At last, it is LOVE and just love that recuperates every one of the injuries.




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