Golf Cart Coolers: Stay Cool in the Summer

Golf cart coolers for some people is an absolute necessity. Certainly its not life or death but it is something to help keep your beverages and yourself cool during a round. The typical scenario is that you go to a course and you buy your beverages and they give you a cooler. Normally you put the cooler into the basket behind the seat. This works most of the time but it does take away from storage that could otherwise be used in the basket. You also risk getting your golf bag wet if there is a problem with the cooler dripping. portable keg cooler

Golf cart coolers come in 2 general forms. The most common is to have the cooler attached to the frame over one of the rear wheels. The installation is moderately simple although it usually involves drilling a couple holes and bolting the cooler to the cart. This set-up does allow for full use of the golf cart basket. It also is the most secure arrangement.

The other way that coolers are set up on the carts is with a basket arrangement. The basket is essentially divided into two sections. The one section holds the cooler, the other section is reserved for your personal effects that you normally put in your basket. The advantage of this particular style is that you can easily dis-engage the cooler. The other nice perk to using this kind of cooler is that you can easily access the cooler while still sitting in the seat. It’s just a matter of turning around a bit and reaching behind you. The ones that attach over the wheels require you to be stopped and getting out of the cart to access your cold drink.

There is a third type of cooler that just recently started to be sold. This cart cooler actually attaches to the hood of the golf cart. It makes it quite handy if you don’t have a windshield but for all practical purposes, you do need to be stopped to get your drink. This type of cooler typically holds more cans than the other type. This is where you might find an 18 can cooler.

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