Extending the Life of the Asset – Hotel Refurbishment Without Cheap Hotel Furniture

The first impression is hugely important for any hotel visitor. They way the guest feels when they first enter a hotel room will have a direct impact not only their current stay, but also on return visits and recommendations. All hoteliers recognise the need to keep the rooms clean and presentable and to maintain standards, and know this is a tricky balance between using their current resources and looking to future refurbishment. hotel furniture 

Guests will immediately notice the details and if they happen upon small chips and scratches the room will look ‘tired’ and this could impact on the reputation of the hotel.

During a challenging 2009 the hotel industry in the UK saw room yields fall as they battled what was a very difficult market. Market leaders agree however the recovery is underway and will continue to grow in 2010 and 2011. There are pockets of increased growth, especially in London, but the overall forecast is one of muted optimism. The hotel and leisure industry has had to deal with not only a drop in overall global tourism but also the volume of business trips undertaken as many companies look to slash costs and use modern forms of communication to replace the face-to-face meetings.

As revenues have dropped and future uncertainty has either prevented or paused a general refurbishment revue, hotels are looking to find alternative ways to extend the life of their assets.

How do hotels now go about refreshing their businesses ready to take advantage of new growth?

Cheap hotel furniture might offer a quick temporary solution, but most experienced hoteliers will know this is often an exercise in false economy and is going to provide you with an even bigger problem in the near future. Cheap imported items will not have the integrity needed for an extended life in a hotel room and will wear noticeably over a short period of time. Hoteliers will often resort to cheap hotel furniture once before realising if they need to look elsewhere in order to ‘future proof’.

Clearance stock companies can offer used hotel furniture if the time is available some good bargains can be found, but it will often have limited life left in the units and the chances of you won’t find exactly what you are looking for and not having to settle for what they available. The fall in overall hotel revenues has seen a number of hotels in liquidation and their stock is available for those prepared to go and find it. If time is no option, then this can be a viable solution, but can prove costly if the right furniture items are not sourced quickly.

Replacing part of the room suite is an option. The hoteliers can take elements and re-organise each room to make use of the best units. If something is needed over a number of rooms then they can look to replace that unit only, leaving the other elements to last as long as possible. This can lead to issues matching furniture in the future as suppliers move and possibly go out of business. Once ‘out of sync’, a room could look disjointed and it will be difficult to justify a refit in 2 or 3 years once cash flow hopefully becomes easier to access.

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