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Football attracts more than 90% of stakes accredited online bookmakers. At the global level, we must not be far from this figure. Football is the most popular sport on the planet and it’s no surprise that it’s the undisputed king of online betting. It’s a kind of conditioned reflex.

The welcome bonus of sports betting sites naturally goes towards this sport. Media coverage means that anyone has heard of Lionel Messi and Barca. So anyone is going to bet blindly on แทงบอลออนไลน์. It is this kind of error that we must hunt to become a winning bettor in sports betting. This article is intended for beginner football bettors, but also for those who have lost everything and are looking for answers.

Bet like A Pro on Football

To bet like a pro, you have to think like a pro bettor at Ufabet. They are rare. You will find many who think they are and especially many who claim to be. This job is rare because there are few people who know how to lose 1000 dollars in the 92nd of a football match without flinching.

You have to know how to lose them, but you also have to know how to win them. An important part of being a pro bettor is mental. You have to be able to respect the words of the poet to the letter: “If you can meet Triumph after Defeat and receive these two liars from the same front” by Rudyard Kipling “you will be a man my son”.

To bet on football in บาคาร่าออนไลน์ like a pro, you have to know how to bet like a pro and adapt to this demanding discipline that is football. We are going to give you the basic advice to bet as professionally as possible on football. Some of our tips will be general and some betting tips will be football specific.

Choose Your Bookmaker to Bet On Football

Check out our bookmakers review to make a comparison of the advantages of each of them. As a beginner, you will choose on personal criteria, perhaps publicity or a dislike for a bookmaker, sponsor of a team… For now, you have the right not to be rational; the offer is homogeneous in France. It is your first bookmaker.

The objective is above all to understand the functioning of a bookmaker, whether in “administrative” matters or in purely online betting matters. Our selection only takes into account bookmakers in France. It is extremely important to clarify. And to start, do not start from anywhere! ARJEL is not a panacea, but going on an adventure when you don’t know the world of online bookmakers in บาคาร่าออนไลน์ is suicidal.

You Play Against the Bookmaker

We insist on this idea on each page of good advice, on each sport. For us, anyone who does not understand this simple idea cannot correctly understand what sports betting are. You are not betting against OM, Real or Napoli, but against the bookmaker. No one supports a bookmaker.

Assuming you are playing against the bookmaker and need to figure out how to beat them will save you from falling into all the basic beginner traps in sports betting the one with the ambition to specialize in football betting must make it its leitmotif. Why? This is the subject of our next paragraph.

Bet On Reason, Not On Your Passion

“Beat the bookie”. Beat the bookmaker in French. This means that you must choose the bet that you think will win you. And this implies that you are not betting according to your preferences of supporters or even observers. We don’t bet on Messi’s FC Barcelona because we are a fan or an amateur of the beautiful game.

The Simple Bet on Football

It is the ancestor in France of the online game. Football lotto offered a grid of 10 matches with the only option being 1N2. When we say single bets, it is not in opposition to combined bets. The simple bet is the false friend of the beginner bookmaker. It’s a bet that’s either too difficult or poorly rated and sometimes it will be more irresistible than the siren songs.

Be careful, it can be interesting when the odds are not too unbalanced. Everyone knows that PSG will only lose a maximum of 2 or a maximum of three games per season. So, logically, systematically betting is a winner in L1? Well if this logic would be exalted on fixed odds over the whole season; it turns out to be erroneous because the odds for this type of team are very low.

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