Bluetooth Locks – Electronic Door Locks

It was bound to happen; after all, we use Bluetooth to gain access and start our cars, play our music, use our computers and many other things. Now, we can use Bluetooth to open the front door to our homes.

So, how do they work? First and foremost, you must start off with a good grade mechanical lock. This means a door locks made out of strong materials with features that will defeat attacks on the lock itself. Some Bluetooth locks have a key override; this means that you get a regular key to open the lock in case of electronic failure. The lock cylinder should have a high security cylinder that provides key control as well as physical security.

Features of a Bluetooth Door Lock:


  • Lock has Bluetooth electronics built in
  • Programmed by Android or iPhone
  • Bluetooth key fobs come with the lock
  • Pairs with the cell phone and/or key fob
  • Mechanical key override
  • Battery operated door lock china smart lock


After installing the control app to your phone, you then pair with the lock. Once that is successful, you can program your door lock and your backup key fobs. Now when you walk up to you front door and get within 4-6 feet, the lock will either open or activate waiting for you to touch it (depending on the manufacturer). There is usually an LED light on the lock that will give visual feedback. The lock latch will be open and closed with a motor or solenoid.

Software features and functions:


  • Program individual key fobs for different people
  • Delete key fobs
  • Keep an audit history of openings and closings by time and date (great for keeping tabs on children)
  • Program key fobs to only open at certain times
  • Locks can be rekeyed without the need of a locksmith
  • Operates on the new Bluetooth standard 4.0


One manufacturer has a patent pending technology that can determine if you are standing inside or outside your home. This is an important feature so that if you are inside and someone rings your door bell the lock will not open because it senses that you are inside the home.

If the Bluetooth door locks have a key override; remember that it is both a convenience and a liability. You should make sure that this lock cylinder is a secure one

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