Backlinks Will Skyrocket Your Website To #1

What’s a backlink? A backlink is a URL link that is pointed towards your website and are very important to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. The backlinks from external sites can link to your home page or may link to internal pages within your website. Linking to internal pages is often referred to as “deep linking” and can help raise the importance of those internal pages in the eyes of the search engines.

The more backlinks you have referring to your website, the more the search engines trust your content. In the original Google algorithm, backlinks were a very important part of the equation used to determine where your site was placed on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). In today’s world, the algorithm is much more complicated and the value of the backlink has been diminished slightly from the original.

Google uses the backlinks to calculate a value called PageRank (PR). Many SEO experts feel that the PR value isn’t necessarily the most important factor for ranking high in the SERP’s. There are so many factors that go into the algorithm that it has become very difficult to guess what Google is really looking at. However, we do know that backlinks have remained a constant over the years. 구글상위노출

Other terms for backlinks are incoming links, inlinks, inbound links, and inward links.

Backlinks can be used to find related websites that have linked to you, gauge your website popularity (or someone else’s), and view what others may have written about the page being linked. When looking for the quantity of backlinks to your site, Yahoo is much better at reporting the real backlinks.

In an effort to hide the details of their search algorithm, Google will only show a partial list of backlinks. Remember when analyzing your backlinks that some pages may not have the true PageRank displayed because the page was added since the last Google PageRank update.

When another site links to your site, they are basically voting for yours. But that vote is no longer the only thing looked at. The major search engines are also looking at the content and context of the link to determine relevance to your website. If the page containing the backlink has little to no relevance than the link will not be weighted as heavily when the link is counted.

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